price list

🌸I reserve the right to decline your commission if I don't feel comfortable with it🌸
Read the bottom part for extra information.

🌸Icons 🌸

🐇Flat $20 usd
🐇Shaded $30 usd

Simple shading
Simple shading

🌸Half body🌸

🐇Flat $40 usd
🐇Shaded $50 usd


🐇flat $50 usd
🐇shaded $65 usd
🐇flat $60 usd
🐇shaded $75 usd

Simple shading
Simple shading
Simple shading

Notice not all fullbodies might contain certain body parts visible as it depends on the composition.

❤️Since i cannot put nsfw examples here and most of my fullbody art are in fact NSFW.❤️ See examples below or just stalk my twitter:
🍓YCH ride
🍓Example 2

🍓Extra characters:
🍨Flat +$30 usd
🍨Fullbody +$45 usd

🍦Very good at🍦
🍓Dragons again

🍦Not so good at🍦
🍓Complex designs (the simpler your character the better It'll look on my style)

⚠️WON'T DO⚠️
⛔Cub porn/CP
⛔Feral porn
⛔Extreme gore
⛔More than 7 characters (ask tho)
⛔Complex clothing

( Made with Carrd )